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Research And Investigation:

Research Funding:

  • $12,000 grant from Winthrop Canada. Rhesus monkey as an animal model for training in interventional neuroradiology, 1984-1985.

  • $4.7 million dollar grant from the Ontario Government Premier's Council Technology Fund. Volume Investigation Unit Toronto Western Hospital, 1989-1991. Co-investigator and Principal Neuroradiologist.

  • $20,000 grant from Winthrop. The New Zealand rabbit as an animal model for interventional neuroradiology, 1989-1990.

  • $42,000 grant P.S.I., 1990-1991. Thrombolytic therapy in stroke - an animal model. Principal investigator.

  • $40,000 grant from Mallinckrodt Canada, 1990-1991. Flow assessment in an AVM model, the role of MRI versus digital angiography. Principal investigator.

  • $14,000 grant from Banting Research Foundation, 1990-1991. A rabbit model of embolic stroke. Co-investigator.

  • $26,000 grant from P.S.I. Foundation, 1992-1993. Arterial and venous pressure measurements in brain vascular malformations using superselective angiographic catheterization techniques. Co-investigator.

  • $22 million dollar grant from Ontario Government, Ministry of Trade and Commerce to develop an open MRI system. Joint grant towards GE Medical Systems, ISG technologies, University of Toronto and The Toronto Hospital. Co-investigator.