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AVM Make's Me Make Career Change

Hello I just wanted to share something if there is anyone out there that has a hard time dealing with some of the side effects from the procedures they have to do. For me they had to go in and operate cause it was bleeding again when I went in the hospital.

I had all my certificates to do the job I thought I was going to do for the rest of my life but when that blood vessel broke that one summer I couldn't remember much of what happened to me didn't remember family. Stayed in the hospital three weeks then they released me and waited to hear from Toronto university hospital. I went for a few visits then they had a plan to go in and embolize the AVM but the vessel broke again. Then they booked me for surgery I was in there for 8 hour's as a result of the surgery I lost my left visual field of vision. The surgery never turned out the way they expected cause my sight never came back so I looked for another job as a janitor now Iím going to go back to school to be a small engine mechanic. So if your having a hard time with your situation your not the only one I have chronic head aches for 4 years now and it's just something Iíve learnt to deal with I have my wife and kids here to help me through my decision's I make and family support. I thank Tymianski and the team of surgeons every day that Iím here for helping me out with this AVM I had removed. I had met someone on here that had there AVM removed she was a good friend when I was having troubles to dealing with this I met her through my wifeís mid wife. We were talking one day and she asked what happened and I told her AVM she new what it stood for and told me that her niece had suffered a bleed from hers to and she gave me her e-mail address and we shared lot's of experiences. We even talked on the phone for about 2 hours just talking about more of our experiences. So if this gets put up on here I hope it helps someone out cause it is a rough road at first but it gets better and with this now it will be better for people to get more info on what there going through.

Thanks again to Toronto surgeonís there at Toronto Western for getting rid of that AVM in my head.