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Brain Aneurysm

My name is Barbara. On December 26,1999 I had 2 aneurysms ruptured on the right side of my head. I don't remember anything from Sunday morning in front of the house until that Thursday night. I ask my boyfriend what was wrong. He told me there was 2 aneurysms that had ruptured, and the doctor was waiting on the blood to go away. They gave me some more pain medicine. The drugs and bleeding made me believe that aliens were after my heart. After that I wouldn't let them give me any more pain medicine.

Friday morning, I ask my boyfriend to go get some things from my house that I was leaving the hospital. I was scared that the aliens were after my heart. Later I found out that between the drugs and blood my mind was playing tricks on me. When Ken returned to the hospital I signed myself out. Went to Charleston, SC, where my mother was waiting at the hospital with Dr. Tyler. Once I enter the doors at Roper hospital the aliens were gone. I spoke with the doctor and he order a CT scan. He said after looking at the CT scan that my chances were not good.

Being New Years day the computers were having a Y2K problem and I would not make it through another angiogram. So my boyfriend drove back to Jacksonville, went to the hospital and pick up my records. He then drove back to Charleston and gave the records to Dr. Tyler. I had my surgery on January 3,2000. The next day I was put in a regular room and I continue to get better. Four days later I was released from the hospital.

I could not travel for a short period of time, so I spend time with my family, who I thank for all the support and Dr. Tyler and most of all God. I'm still doing good. I have good days and a few bad. I still have one on the other side of my head. Everyday I wonder if this could be the day that it happens again.