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Our Daughter Erica

I would like to start back 8 years ago when our daughter was 7 years old. She was a happy beautiful child and our first born of three at the time.  She had her first stroke and was diagnosed with AVM on the left side of her brain we were told that it was the size of half of her brain.  We were also told that there was nothing that could be done for her.  And to take her home and enjoy her because she had three years to live.  So we did what the Dr. Said and watched her decline and have numerous strokes and some Seizures.  She became weaker on her right side.  She could no longer open her right hand and was taking longer to recuperate after her strokes.  We then were told that she had six months to live and I took her for another opinion.  We were told that was not true and she began to decline slower.  I then found out that there was possible treatment for her at Stanford University, and I took her there and was astonished to learn that they had a Treatment there and they were willing to take her on and treat her.  We started her treatment with numerous brain embolizations every other week until her AVM shrunk down to the size of a silver dollar.  And now she will be stroke free forever and in July we will start cyberknife radiation to completely dissolve the AVM.  So now we have a new look at life. She is getting stronger everyday and now starting to open her hand and having no headaches and getting stronger everyday.