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Brain Aneurysm

My name is Alrick Williams I was born in Jamaica came to Canada at age 16 to live and going to School, during my Studying I lost my Grandmother instead of grieving the lost of my Grandmother. I studied and finished High School with a 90%.

Growing up the only Medical problem I had was headaches every now and then but nothing serious to go to the Hospital.  My Spiritual life wasn't strong back then about I Attended Church regularly was I lived. Started College finished my first year in Business.  My major was Finance, things where going great for me I celebrated my 21 Birthday on Dec 09.

On Dec 15 of 2000 in the morning I went to Airport with my Aunt to get a plane ticket, she went get the ticket and I was parking the car, that when I was found face down at the steering wheel, the Car was still running but the car was in Park on a ice hill.  STILL LOOKING FOR THE PERSON OR PERSONS THAT FOUND ME THE AIRPORT.

They got help for me by calling the Airport police and Ambulance I was rushed to nearest Hospital.

I had a Brain Aneurysm they sent to Toronto Western Hospital, Where Doctor Potter and Staff an expert team of neurosurgeon found out that the Aneurysm Count was 4.5 meaning I had a slime chance to live. But a lot of prayers and Wonderful Doctors and Nurses at Toronto Western Hospital.

The third Week of Jan I was discharged from the Hospital walking, talking like a normal human Being. Today I can say I'm going to a different College Studying for Ministry.