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Explosion Inside My Head

It was quiet night and I was laying in my bed aside my wife and we were watching TV when enormous pain hit me. We had some pain killers in house but they didn't help. Either did my wife's neck massage. Being taught for disaster and emergency first aid I slowly recognized symptoms and asked my wife call ambulance.

Guys arrived as soon it was possible and soon it was time for CT scan and rushing to another hospital for surgery. Ambulances don't have good suspension when patients are considered. I know since I was laid down for some 200kilometers. Happily drugged for most of the time.

Doctors ordered more drugs and tests. Besides CT-scan already done in previous hospital I was in angiogram and MRI and once more CT-scan. They found aneurysm from right side and decided to operate.

Today I'm walking miracle as told by my doctor since I have only slight memory problems and some sight defects which come and go. Doctors don't know why I have this problem with my taste and smell. Most of the time I smell and taste strongly like something oily was just burned.

Now I'm looking for future and don't know how this is going to end. Will I ever be able to work as "normal" people do. Mostly due my memory problems.

Greetings from Finland!