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Halton District School Board selects names for two new elementary schools
News Release March 23, 2006

Alexander Hohol died in his sleep at age 13 of an AVM, with no symptoms upon going to bed. He is survived by his parents and two brothers.

New Milton school named "Bruce Trail Public School", new Burlington school named "Alexander's Public School"

At the March 22, 2006 Board meeting, trustees of the Halton District School Board selected names for the two new elementary schools currently under construction in Milton and Burlington. The names for the new schools were selected from a shortlist developed from submissions collected in ballot boxes placed in neighbourhood schools and public libraries.

The new elementary school in the Orchard area of Burlington will be named "Alexander's Public School".

The name honours Alexander Hohol, a Burlington-area student who tragically died in 1999 when he was in Grade 8 at John T. Tuck Public School.

"The naming of a school is an important decision and one that must have meaning for future generations of students who attend the school," says Paul Tate, Chair of the Halton District School Board. "The names selected for these new schools are meaningful to the communities."

"The choice of Alexander's Public School for the new Burlington school, celebrates the life of a student who was kind to others, curious, hard-working, and who had a positive attitude toward learning. These are all qualities valued by our schools as important to learning."